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Hope you cried

Break free from a picture of beautiful and you’ll find her

Just sitting quite lonely by herself making the days not hurt…

Because it’s a beautiful picture and not because I miss you but I do want to know who took it. Damn. 

Because it’s a beautiful picture and not because I miss you but I do want to know who took it. Damn. 

New start to a new story :D

The blazing sunrise was like a bloody massacre in the sky, deep scarlet highlighting the orange clouds and splatters of pink were strewn across the horizon. Sailor’s Faith had known through the years would have predicted that the day that follows a sunrise like this meant blood. For her this meant, maybe a not so successful a day at the tavern, and maybe a drunkard tapping her ass when he became too intoxicated to even recognize his own children. She had always preferred looking at the glass half full. A slight tap at the door startled her and she leapt up, and hit her head on the top of the window frame. Faith quickly made a mental note to stop leaning out her bedroom window. Holding up her long white nightgown so she didn’t trip, she made my way across the cold hardwood floor. She cracked the door open a few inches and looked out at Mr. Gorge who, obviously had been drinking all morning was stuttering a hello and some-sort of order that sounded like, “get down to those chicken.” 

“Um…pardon sir, what was that?” She asked. 

“I said, get down to the bloody kitchen! Get some ears on you girl.” He slurred. Her father looked like any other middle aged British man, with thinning black hair, sharp and brisk green eyes and a pot-belly. She gave him a quick nod and slammed the door as his lips parted in response. Faith ran to her dresser and tossed on a long green dress made of cotton. She looked at herself in her vanity and took in her reflection. Her hair was long, coming down to her waist in thick black curls and her eyes were very large, a deep blue. Matched with tan skin and a full set of pearly white teeth, she was the most popular suitor in town. The family she lived with had taken her in at the mere age of 12 weeks and she had been a slave/ “honored guest” ever since. 

“My head told my heart this time no…”

Marcus Mumford

School and Hell, such good friends

Dear Future Leader,

I fear for what is going to happen this year. I have a burning premonition.

I have missed my friends, yes but it will be harder now then ever to keep things from them. Evaline and Medea have taken this year off before they go to collage. I will not be so lucky. I just hope-

A large bump sent Vivienne’s pen flying. The small blue book she had bought from the drugstore sat on her lap, looking as blank as ever. She had been told by the priestesses to keep a diary. All the Leaders before her had. The cramped school bus was filled with conversations about the coming day before them. First day of school was in the air. The hour bus ride finally let Vivienne off at the most white-picket fence looking school in New York State. Quester B. Secondary School was a large grey building covered in green. Trees, flowers and vines made the school look almost like odd modern art. It’s large glass doors welcomed her. That and almost the whole of the school gaping at the sight of her. Vivienne was told by freshman after freshman that one day they were going to be like her. It took her a 10 minutes to finally get to her locker. The silver box held nothing of hers at the moment and she smiled as she imagined what she would do with it this year. Vivienne was about to leave her locker, when Bryce Knightly sauntered up to her looking even more tan and gorgeous than ever. They had know each other since Vivienne was six and he eight, so they were great friends. And now a days he was head over heels for Vivienne. Poor boy.

“Hey Viv. I missed you this summer, never saw you around town.” He gave her a Hollywood smile. His light blonde hair was cut short for the beginning of football season and you could finally see his intense blue eyes. They were filled with hunger. Vivienne hugged him sweetly and gave one of her signature sultry smile.

“I missed you too B-boy. And that would be because I wasn’t in town.” She laughed and rolled her eyes. Vivienne had had boys under her spell since she was five. Her long scarlet hair and intense violet eyes were rare, exotic.

“This years going to be our last year together,” Bryce played with a curl of her hair. “And you know how much I want you. I want you so bad. This year I’m going to have you.” He looked at her with seriousness. Bryce had never been her type. His features were too fleshy and handsome. And he was a mortal. Vivienne looked at him evenly.

“Really? Without my permission?” She purred. Bryce gave a brutish smile.

“At any costs,” He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. “At all costs.”

Vivienne pushed him away but kept on smiling even though she was getting a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. Bryce smiled back at her and jogged down the hallway chanting “At all costs” like a prayer.

“Asshole.” She murmured slowly shaking her head as she grabbed her books. A shadow  moved out of in the corner of her eye. Vivienne turned to see a boy. He had dark curly hair, deep brown eyes and was covered in lean muscle. His chocolate eyes were on the floor and filled with rage. When he noticed her eyes on him, he looked up. His eyes were now showing obvious curiosity. She gave him a tight smile and a nod and headed around the corner. The corridor to the science labs was long and two soda machines were up against the wall. One of her least favorite teachers would be waiting for her. And of course our best “boy friend”, she thought bitterly. Bryce had never been like that before, he had always been sweet and considerate to Vivienne, never pressuring her. He had obviously changed a lot over the summer. Vivienne had walked for only a second before it came at her. Like a wave of energy he pinned her against the wall. His deep crimson eyes showed his permeant look of ravenous hunger.  His black hair reminded her of raven feathers. He smiled at her. Jury had once a long time ago been an honored member of their family by marrying Marie Hava but no one knew of what Jury Sinclair really was. Vivienne was made to know it as long as she breathed.

“I told you I was hungry enough. I can walk again Vivienne, not just float.” Jury voice was so seductive it caused her to shiver. He lifted her by her shirt up the wall and Vivienne just laughed.

“Good for you. Now please let me down.” Vivienne was used to the games that they played. Jury got power from each place. Jury had told her many times that he was going to leave the Void. The Void is a place where spirits who emanate emotions and sins live. She had told him it was impossible and that, of coarse made him savagely angry. He vowed to prove her wrong. And she guessed the basterd stuck to his guns. Vivienne hadn’t seen him since the beginning of August.

“I am really hungry Vivienne and you look so yummy. I want you so bad.” Great another one thought Vivienne. She gave him a dangerous smile.

“You really want me? All of me?” She whispered a few words and drew a rune with her finger. Tendirls of blue twisted around her arms like vines. She put her hands on his chest and focused the Spirit spell. His eyes widened and he became translucent again. Vivienne dropped to the floor, falling from his hands. He sneered at her with anger twisting his features.

“At all costs I will have you.” Then he disappeared. The words haunted her as his and Bryce’s voices echoed in her mind. Vivienne prayed the boy hadn’t heard the commotion. She gathered herself and her books and headed off to Mr. Harris’s class with an animated late slip.

The day was completely uneventful from first period bell to last. Girls were cooing over the new guy and how amazingly gorgeous he was and boys had their chest puffed out with the smell of a challenge. It was only until lunch that Vivienne heard his name. Luxe, her best mortal friend, was waiting at the head table at the cafeteria. One of her and Vivienne’s followers was staring in awe at Luxe. Her black short bob and her amber eyes were beautiful together with her olive skin. And her forever crooked smile was plastered on her face as she waved Vivienne to her. Vivienne sat beside her with her invisible lunch. She didn’t really eat cafeteria food.

“You will not believe the boy in my History class. Mmm, so scrumptious.” She drew out the S with rosebud lips. Vivienne laughed at her friends swooned expression.

“Don’t even know his name and making wedding plans.” She gave her a flutter of her blood red lashes.

“I know his name.” Luxe returned defiantly.

“Really, what is it?”

“Lucian. Lucian Starkk.” The named struck something in the back of Vivienne’s mind. But when she thought of him those gorgeous brown eyes were frames by gold instead of burgundy. She brushed it off and focused on the words that one of the followers were saying.

“I hear he got expelled from his last school and wears like this creepy, voodoo necklace.” The little girl couldn’t hide the fear in her doe eyes. Luxe put a hand to her head as if she were going to faint. Vivienne and Luxe were the dangerous, beautiful, exotic girls who not purposely ruled the school. They found anything alike them enticing. Well at least Luxe did. Luxe giggled wildly.

“Shut up Anne your getting my hopes up!” Everyone at the table laughed. All except Vivienne who couldn’t stop thinking about Lucian’s dark eyes.


The large hall was as modern as possible. Marble black and white tile floors, with white walls, and high pillars that reached up to the cathedral-like celling. A dark mahogany desk sat at the furthest end and a bleach-blonde secretary fiddled with her nails and smacked on her gum. A hooded woman approached the desk, heels clicking as she sauntered up.  The woman tapped the golden bell on the end of the desk, hoping to get the attention of the secretary. Instead she was ignored as if she weren’t even there. An angrier tap this time, and when the secretary didn’t respond, another. The blonde girl scribled something down on the pad beside her.
“Yes, Mr.Sinclair, I’ll get on that sir. Yes, yes g-goodbye sir.” The girl brushed her hair back and tapped the Blue-tooth on her ear. She started as she noticed the hooded woman towering above her and sneered.  ”How long have you been there? Never mind, do you have an appointment?” The girls southern accent was barley addable but the hooded woman noticed it immediately. Her tone was one of boredom and distaste all together. The woman leaned over the desk so the girl could just make out the sheen of her eyes. She turned her hand up to reveal a tattoo of a snake twisting around a stave. The girls eyes went wide as slow recognition came about.

“I don’t think need an appointment, girl.” The cloaked woman’s voice was like a thousand people speaking at once. The girl stood up, out of her seat and backed up against the white wall.

“Please!” She begged. “Please I’m sorry my Lady! I-I…” The girl sobbed softly as the hooded woman laughed. The woman held up her arm at the blonde secretary, and slowly pointed a long black nail at the girls forehead  and uttered, “Nex of Flamma“. Blue flames twisted around her arm and shot in a straight line at the girls head. The flames swirled around her body, like snakes and they tightened and tightened until the girl exploded into black ash. The hooded woman smiled and snapped her fingers. A long blue snake slithered out of the girls ashes with a sharp-toothed grin on it’s head. Detail of black stripes were imbedded deep in the snakes back. It hissed and followed the woman as she opened a white door hidden in the wall. She looked down and hissed back with a long forked, black tongue. The two entered an office that was completely covered in black, with the acceptation of a tall chair, which was a deep scarlet. The man that sat in the chair had his black-hair hung over his face and it almost appeared as if he were sleeping. The blue snaked hissed as if disgusted.

“Hush, Vernia. I know it was an empty meal but this one is not for you.” The mans head shot up at the sound of her voice, and his high-cheeck bones and scarlet eyes were a sign of his dark stature. He was translucent, and the red of his chair made him glow. A malicious smile crossed his lips and he rose up out of his chair and floated towards the hooded woman. Forever his eyes were stanied with hunger, and as he approached the woman it grew through his face. He grabbed the top of her hood.

“Hello,” He pulled of the head of her hood down. “Evaline…Hollow!” The woman’s cat-like eyes slit and she tilted her head to the side.
“Have you done your…duty?” She asked.
“Of coarse, she is none the wiser.” He smiled as if remebering some epic tale.

“Good. The you get your wish.” Evaline traced a rune in the air repeatedly until, in the space she drew, a dent was made. Then slowly the man fell to the floor, solid once again.

“Thank you, Evaline. Now am I to find her?” He asked. Evaline smiled and slowly shook her head. Then she looked at him, her cold green eyes shining.

“No, Jiry.  Don’t just find her, tear her apart. Take away everything she loves,” She said. “Better get started now, before school starts. Wouldn’t want her to come back home to find everything in peices, would we.” Her laugh was matched by Vernia’s hiss and Jiry’s snarl and they all echoed through the room.